California Farm to Fork – California Farmer Marketplace

The California Farmer Marketplace is a free statewide website featuring California produce, grains, meats, and other products for sale. The Marketplace offers farmers the opportunity to post products and connect directly with school food service to increase the amount of California grown and produced foods on school lunch trays. Primarily established to reduce communication barriers between buyers and sellers, the website is free and open to the general public, including ranchers, producers, distributors, institutional buyers, community groups, and individual consumers.

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    Sellers can list products that are currently available and those that will be available in the coming months. You can identify your location, agriculture practices, and delivery methods.

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    Buyers can search for a product by region or throughout the state and filter results based on your own criteria, such as level of farm liability insurance, price, pack size, or individual processing needs.

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    Log in to find what farmers throughout the state are growing; post new commodities; or generate an inquiry for a product you are looking to for. Once connected, you can complete your transaction independent from the site.